Hammer Crusher
  • Name :Hammer Crusher
  • Features:High production and high crushing ratio
  • Application:Hammer crusher is mainly suitable for crusher
  • Contiguous item:Jaw Crusher Machine, VSI Sand Making Machine

Hammer Crusher is directly to the maximum grain size of 600-1800 mm in the crushing of the material to a period of 25 or 25 mm below the crusher crusher. Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium hard in cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial sectors of the materials, such as limestone, slag, Jiao Tan, coal and other materials in crushing and fine crushing work. Hammer crusher designed by SBM fits for producing 0-3MM coarse powder products. This machine adopts theories of traditional crushing machines and grinding mills. It makes up the shortage of common mills, and it is the best choice to produce coarse powder at big capacity.


Hammer Crusher Structure

Hammer Crusher comprises a crushing cavity, rotor, hammer, lining counterattack sieve plate, etc. The main structure of the machine is composed of the host machine, analyzer and finished cyclone separator and other basic components mainly composed of. Among them, frame, blade and grinding bad is a very important part of hammer crusher.

Hammer Crusher Features

Because the hammer crusher work environment is bad, so the hammer crusher determines the quality of its service life, the quality of hammer type crusher is composed part material decisions.

  • 1. High production and high crushing ratio.
  • 2. Low power consumption, homogeneous particle size.
  • 3. Simple, compact and light mechanical structure.
  • 4. Low investment cost, easy management.

Hammer Crusher Working Principle

Hammer crusher broken materials mainly rely on impact. The crushing process is roughly like this, materials into the hammer crusher, and broken by the impact of high-speed rotary hammer head. Then the broken materials obtained kinetic energy from the hammer head and rushed to frame and screen with high speed. The materials collisions with each other at the same time, after repeatedly broken,the materials less than sieve article eduction from the gap. Individual larger materials impact by the hammer head again, grinding, extrusion and broken. At last eduction from the gap. Thus obtaining products with required size.

Hammer Crusher Technical Data